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What to Wear With Off the Shoulder Tops! (Part 1)

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Posted on: 01/12/19

It's Annie from MD. This article is going to be a what to wear article. It's going to be what to wear with off-shoulder tops. This is what I mean by off-the-shoulder tops. I think other people call it cold shoulder, but I'm going to call it off the shoulder. In this article and we're just going to walk through 5 different outfits. I'm going to start with the basics and then walk you through exactly how I accessorize the outfit to make them more stylish. So yeah without any more babbling, let's just get into it!

Okay so outfit number one this is a simple Off-Shoulder Top with Front Bow. This blouse is from MD. It's what I'm wearing right now it's so cute because it's this really lightweight cotton material but it's not too sheer, and its center front has a large bow of matching fabric for a youthful and feminine look.

I paired my girlfriend denim ripped jeans, so these I guess are technically a girlfriend style versus a boyfriend style, but they're kind of like that mom jeans shape and they have distressing all along the thighs. Also they have an unfinished hem, the first thing I did with this outfit is taking care of this sleeve situation, so the way this top comes like off the rack.

It looks kind of crazy. It looks like these really puffy sleeves that go all the way down to your wrists, so it's really easy though to make this look a lot better. You just have to kind of bunch up the sleeves and pull them up and then it becomes kind of like a really billowy ruffled sleeve off the shoulder top.

So already that kind of takes care of that and now this actually looks like an off-shoulder tops outfit that we can work with. So the next thing we're going to do is add jewelry. I am going to pair a really beautiful delicate dainty pearl jewelry on a necklace, so this one is actually handed down for my mom but I'll try to link something similar below, but basically it's just the thinnest most beautiful gold chain ever with a pearl and just one single diamond right above the pearl.

I love pairing dainty necklaces like this with off-the-shoulder tops that have a little bit of sparkle, so it kind of the eye to the shoulder area, but you don't need much to kind of pull the attention upwards because you are baring your shoulders for shoes. I chose some wedge espadrilles so these are people black wedge espadrilles. That's really hard to say that black wedges that are also espadrilles by shoots, so I thought these looked really cute with the denim jeans because they show a little bit of skin right where the leather stops and the hem of the Jean starts.

I just like that they really elongate the leg and I think the espadrille goes really well with this very summery vibe the last thing I'm going to do is add some round sunglasses these are mine from Chloe. They're a kind of like slightly purple-tinted glass with rose gold frames, which is really nice and they kind of make this a whole outfit have more 70s summer vibes, which I really like and that's it. That's outfit number one definitely one of my go-to ways to style off the shoulder tops with some low-waisted jeans and some wedges and some simple jewelry.

Cool so moving on to outfit number two in my next article.

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What to Wear With Off the Shoulder Tops! (Part 1)
It's Annie from MD. This article is going to be a what to wear article. It's going to be what ... ...



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